1031 Exchange Activity in Southwest

We all know that 1031 Exchange activity has been slow at best over the past couple of years. My friends over at IPX 1031 provided me a chart that shows the activity based upon quarter dating back to 2003. The good news is that Q1 2011 is up to a level surpassing 2010 and 2009!

The other interesting fact that I picked out on these charts is the typical quarters that see the most activity. I would have predicted Q2 and Q4. Close around tax time and buy before year end. According to the data, looks like Q2 (I was 50% right!) and Q3 typically are the busiest months.

IPX 1031 Exchange Activity from Q1 2003 to Q1 2011

Thanks again to Dave Tornell and Jim Miller for the charts! If you do need any assistance with a 1031 Exchange, make sure to give them a call!