Commercial Real Estate & Business News – April 1, 2022

With both inflation and interest rates rising, following the first Federal Reserve rate hike in three years, many people have no living memory of what can happen—for example, the double-digit rate mortgages that the 1980s saw. For CRE professionals, the question…»
Although Arizona’s economic growth in 2022 may fall short of previous years, experts predict that the smaller gains this year are just a bump in the road on the way to stronger growth to come for the Arizona economy. For example, personal income in the…»
To say that multifamily and industrial sectors are hot is like noticing heat at the equator. Did anyone not already notice? The National Association of Realtors has been tracking the 12-month sales price changes on various property categories. In March, they…»
A small area on the outskirts of the Valley could see massive industrial growth in the coming years. A 1,314-acre master-planned development comprised of state trust and privately owned land in Tonopah, a rural community located west of Buckeye, was…»
ScanlanKemperBard acquired its second industrial property in greater Phoenix, paying $52 million for the 33-acre 101 Distribution Center in Glendale. The real estate firm, also known as SKB, bought the 620,000-square-foot building at 7811 N. Glen Harbor Blvd. from…»