Commercial Real Estate & Business News – April 11, 2017

“In addition to demand for e-commerce distribution centers, industrial is seeing an increase in facilities for manufacturing, data centers, marijuana cultivation, more industrial hydro- and aquaponic farming and the implementation of sustainable heating and cooling technology”…»

Retail sales vaulted 4.4 percent in 2016, driven by consistent job growth, wage growth and high consumer confidence. These three trends have fostered a strong retail consumption environment that will continue to support retail center performance. Consistent job growth saw the addition of 2.4 million workers in 2016. Wage growth has averaged 2.3 percent annually and consumer confidence has remained near decade highs…»

“Corporate America has more capital on its balance sheet than ever before,” he added. “There’s a lot of dry powder.” Zell also said he has no qualms about potential interest rate hikes because the current low-rate environment imposes no penalty for deferring investment decisions. Zell noted that he wasn’t sure he sees a direct correlation between higher interest rates and a decline in real estate values…»

A growing number of renters are optimistic about their financial situation and expect to stay where they are even if their rents increase, the research findings, released Monday, show. Also of note, a declining number of renters say they’re working toward homeownership, expect to buy a home, or plan to move within the next few years…»