Commercial Real Estate & Business News – April 20, 2020

When Will Things Return to Normal in Arizona? Here Are The Unusual Metrics Economists Are Watching
The economic damage caused by coronavirus shutdowns is uncommon. So economists say they will need uncommon data to track how the nation rebounds. Normally, these experts use high-level metrics such as the gross domestic product and bond yield curves to…»
Movie Theaters Would be Among the First Businesses to Reopen After Coronavirus Under Trump Plan
Break out the popcorn. As the country takes the first baby steps back from the coronavirus shutdown, movie theaters could be one of the early beneficiaries. Cinemas would be allowed to reopen in the first of three phases under the guidelines released Thursday by the White House…»
Despite Economic Slowdown, Work Continuing On Park Central Revitalization, Construction
Despite the economic downturn, work has continued throughout the revitalized Park Central project over the past few weeks, with several significant milestones achieved. Construction on the new Creighton University Health Sciences Campus is well underway, and the new 2,000-space…»
Phoenix Will Put Real Estate Sales Returns Into General Fund During Pandemic
Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego said Tuesday that the city will put all returns it earns from city real estate transactions into its general fund during the pandemic. That includes $6.8M of transactions that originally came from the fund and will now be used to offset a budget deficit…»
Opportunistic Debt Funds to the Rescue
Amid the coronavirus many property owners are struggling and in need of a capital infusion. Gregory Freedman, a co-founder of real estate investment firm BH3, thinks opportunistic debt funds could provide an answer. “There are certainly opportunities to get capital out there, which…»