Commercial Real Estate & Business News – April 21, 2021

Apartment demand in the United States continues to outpace typical seasonal trends, with the rollout of coronavirus vaccinations helping to drive one of the best first quarters for demand over the past decade. Demand came in stronger than the usual fourth quarter…»
While 2020 was a wild ride for everyone in the real estate world, it may have served as the smelling salts for some to the strength, resilience and need for the affordable housing sector. With affordable properties maintaining collections north of 90 percent, while luxury…»
Arizona’s affordable housing crunch was heading toward a crisis before the pandemic. Pandemic-related job losses over the past year have made the situation worse. And while the almost half a billion dollars of rental aid from the late December stimulus will hopefully…»
Arizona is flush with cash, more than anyone could have imagined a year ago at the height of the COVID-19 disruptions. Now, lawmakers are talking about what to do with a $1 billion rainy day fund and a $1 billion-plus surplus. Currently, negotiating is underway at the state Capitol…»
The homeownership rate has long been a key measure of economic well-being for the country and is monitored closely by policymakers, community planners and homebuilders. After hitting a low in 2016, with 63.4% of households living in owner-occupied…»