Commercial Real Estate & Business News – April 22, 2020

CRE Lenders Might Not Like How Bankruptcy Courts Treat Them During the Coronavirus
With a host of commercial real estate owners likely to declare chapter 11 bankruptcy as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, organizations that lend to these companies should keep one thing in mind: bankruptcy court judges are aware of the unprecedented economic damage of COVID-19…»
In Spite of Great Uncertainty, CRE Deals Continue to Close
With all but the most essential small businesses shut down, vast numbers of commercial and multifamily tenants unable to pay rent and no clear date for when the U.S. economy might re-open, it would be easy to assume that commercial real estate investors would opt to sit on the sidelines…»
Federal Government Backs Nearly Half of Multifamily Mortgage Debt
In an effort to ease the burden caused by COVID-19 to both apartment renters and owners, the CARES Act offers loan forbearance on federally backed mortgages to multifamily owners who suspend evictions for their tenants. In its own response to the coronavirus pandemic…»
Doing Business Better: 7 Retail Fundamentals to Focus on During Crisis
Aside from the nation’s hospitals, no other sector has been on the front lines as of late than food retailers. Yet, even in the face of a pandemic, independent retailers have found that the well-honed, tried-and-true tactics that have helped them excel or compete against larger competitors…»
The Outlook for Class-C Apartments Is Muddied by Tenants’ Loss of Income
Class-C apartment tenants have been badly hurt by the economic shutdown precipitated by the novel coronavirus, crushing their ability to pay rents, thereby putting strain on those properties’ owners to continue to cover costs and mortgage payments. More than 22 million…»