Commercial Real Estate & Business News – August 9, 2013

Strengthening Economic Activity Seen Offsetting Investor Concerns Over Interest Rates

Analysts believe it is becoming more and more likely that commercial real estate loans coming due in the next few years will face a higher rate environment. However, the strengthening economy is expected to offfset near-term investor risk. Two notable commercial real estate developers and investors support the assessment that property fundamentals are catching up to the valuations created by strong capital flows into the property markets… Read more

MOB’s Big Hurdle: The Affordable Care Act & Its Effects on Healthcare Real Estate

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been controversial since its passage in 2010. However, the ACA has survived all legal challenges to date, and the healthcare industry has accepted the fact that the ACA is the law of the land going forward. While there are many regulations being written, with more to come, there are impacts and implications of the ACA on medical office developers, owners and tenants that are being assessed and implemented based on the best available information and projections today. With that in mind Commercial Executive Magazine gathered a roundtable to discuss the impacts the ACA will have on medial real estate going forward. This roundtable was designed to discuss the various trends the medical professionals and entities are experiencing today, as well as trends anticipated to unfold in the near future… Read more

Retailers Boost July Sales with Heavy Discounts, Promotions

Retailers reported higher sales for July, but they relied heavily on discounts to lure cost-conscious shoppers who have remained frugal so far during the crucial back-to-school season… Read more

GSO Capital buys 106.31 acres in Peoria for $16.5m

GSO Capital purchased 106.31 acres of “The Meadows” in Peoria for $16.5m or $155,206 per acre from Communities Southwest. An additional aspect of the deal is that K Hovnanian Homes has optioned the land. GSO Capital has worked closely with K Hovnanian Homes, providing a $250m cash infusion in 2012 and operating as a land banker for K Hov. Steve Benson of Rose Asset Management was GSO Capital’s contact for the deal, while president Mike Kern and executive vice president Luka Vignjevic handled the deal for Communities Southwest and Chad Fuller represented K Hovnanian Homes… Read more

Construction Industry Seeing Challenges with Arizona’s New Sales Tax System

While Arizona’s construction industry was a big proponent of the state overhauling its sales tax system, there are growing concerns that the new legislation may create new problems for the trades… Read more