Commercial Real Estate & Business News August 9, 2019

Arizona Apartment Rates Climb at Fastest Rate in the Nation Arizona is currently one of the hottest destinations for relocators, and the apartment housing industry is facing the subsequent pressures of that. In 2016, Arizona had the fifth-highest number of net in-migrants in the nation. That is, over 24,000 more people moved into the state than out of the state that year.…»
Apartment Turnover Rate Continues to Fall
A recent brief published by CBRE shows the turnover rate for multifamily housing has fallen to 47.5%, which is the lowest level in two decades. CBRE quotes numbers from RealPage that show a drop of 80 basis points. The decline is confirmed by additional evidence culled from six major real estate investment trusts (REITs).…»
Apartment Cap Rates Creep Higher in the Country’s Top Markets
Cap rates on apartment buildings in the nation’s top markets have been creeping higher, but lower interest rates might yet change the trend.Multifamily investors continue to pay high prices for new acquisitions and accept historically low yields. Average multifamily cap rates have been historically low for some time and fell even further in the first half of 2019.…»
Study: 3 EV Cities Among 10 Healthiest Housing Markets
Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert are among the 10 healthiest housing markets among American cities with a population of more than 200,000, according to a new study.SmartAsset, a technology company that provides personal finance advice online, ranked Chandler as having the fifth healthiest, ahead of seventh-placed Mesa and Gilbert, which was number 10 in the survey.…»
Job and Wage Growth Expected to Lead to Record Back-to-School Spending
Most parents know about the extensive, arduous process of back-to-school shopping. You take your kids to the local Target or Walmart, sift through a sea of supplies for perfectly-ruled notebooks and the seemingly undiscoverable graphing paper, and navigate your way past dozens of other families committed to the same goal.…»