Commercial Real Estate & Business News – December 15, 2015

The commercial real estate boom that’s sent rent prices soaring in places like New York and San Francisco this year won’t end even if the Federal Reserve raises rates this week, according to one expert. “There’s still massive liquidity. That liquidity is not going away anytime soon, and it’s pointed right at the United States, whether it be U.S. investors themselves or foreign investors,”… Read more »
Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) forecasts a continued steady economic recovery for the U.S. commercial and industrial construction industries in 2016. Despite a weak global economy, the industry’s solid economic recovery in 2015 should continue in 2016, led by strong consumer spending. “As the mid-phase of the economic recovery continues, ABC forecasts growth in nonresidential construction spending of 7.4 percent next year along with growth in employment and backlog,”… Read more »
Prices for student housing properties continue to rise and investors continue to accept lower and lower yields to invest in the sector. The price increases should continue next year as more investors enter the market for student housing. A growing number of property buyers, including large institutions, are getting comfortable with student housing, which used to be viewed as a niche investment… Read more »
Net lease investors are proving that they are willing to pay a premium for coveted medical office space. As medical service providers continue to push further away from traditional hospital campuses to locate closer to their patient base they are embracing net lease as a means to finance that growth. They are also finding a deep pool of eager buyers waiting to snap up those newly built facilities… Read more »
Old warehouses, high ceilings, garage doors, industrial look. It’s what tech and creative companies are clamoring to lease in Seattle, San Francisco, Denver — and, it seems, the Warehouse District in downtown Phoenix. “We only locate in ‘cool’ areas, it’s our culture,” Jim Deters, founder and CEO of Denver-based Galvanize, which announced this week it would open a downtown Phoenix location. “It was a perfect fit to go into the Warehouse District.”… Read more »