Commercial Real Estate & Business News December 19, 2019

The Monday Morning Quarterback It was an interesting week. Most of the economic news was good. The U.S. and China reached an interim agreement on tariffs. The U.S. will agree not to impose tariffs on $160 billion worth of Chinese goods that were supposed to go into effect yesterday. In addition, import taxes on $112 billion of Chinese goods will be reduced from 15% to 7.5%. In return,…»
Kush: Old Town Store Owners, Residents Opposing SouthBridge 2 is an Agreed Upon Lie
Napoleon Bonaparte first coined the phrase “History is a set of lies agreed upon.” Bonaparte understood that people will generally twist the truth to support their own personal narrative.Also, Hitler is credited with having invented the term “The Big Lie,” which says that no matter how big the lie, if you repeat it often and loud enough, eventually people…»
LA Investor Cleans Up With $65 Million Purchase of Former Dial Soap Headquarters
Real estate investment manager Stockdale Capital Partners paid $65 million for a four-story office and research laboratory building in Phoenix’s Scottsdale Airpark area that served as the consumer product headquarters for the German company that owns soap maker Dial Corp. Stockdale paid $183.62 per square foot for the 371,937-square-foot…»
Top 3 Hottest Housing Markets in EV, Survey Finds
Three East Valley municipalities have the top three the hottest housing markets in the country and Gilbert tops them all, according to the home-and-condo-sale website The data that the website used to declare Gilbert number 1 with Chandler and Mesa occupying second and third place, respectively, is good news for sellers but heaps more bad…»
Housing is in the Middle of an Inventory Crisis. Here’s Why
It’s no surprise to anyone in the real estate or mortgage industry that there’s a critical shortage of homes for sale – the four-month supply of homes for sale today is between 30-40% lower than the number of homes for sale in a normal, healthy market. It’s also no surprise that a big part of this shortage is due to builders staying on the sidelines instead…»