Commercial Real Estate & Business News – December 2, 2020

ASU Forecast: Arizona, U.S. Could be Back Near Economic Normal in 2021
As Arizona State University forecasters see it, 2021 will mark a return to near normalcy for the state and national economies — assuming a vaccine next year stems the COVID-19 outbreak and Congress adopts a stimulus package to keep the rebound on track…»
COVID-19 Vaccine Prospects May Already be Boosting Consumer Spending, Economy
Stan Novak, of Valencia, California, has been hunkering down this year amid the coronavirus pandemic, spending little beyond the bare essentials. But after a flurry of positive news reports this month about COVID-19 vaccines, Novak ventured out to department stores on a recent weekend…»
Office Jobs Are Recovering Faster Than Usual For a Recession
Don’t count office out yet. While the office sector has clearly struggled through the pandemic, office-using employment recovery indicates future demand for physical workspaces. In the third quarter, office-using employment rebounded quickly…»
Moving Natural Forward: What Will 2021 Bring for Natural Retailers?
When Jeremiah McElwee got his first job in the industry 27 years ago, the term “natural products” was narrowly defined and often misunderstood. “Back then, it was about avoiding things like hydrogenated oils and high-fructose corn syrup, and organic…»
What Yellen as Treasury Secretary Would Mean for Housing
As early as 2005, a prescient Janet Yellen foretold that systemic risk in the housing market could send the U.S. economy plunging into a historic recession. Fifteen years later, as Treasury Secretary, Yellen looks likely to get the chance to tackle another recession, one in which the housing…»