Commercial Real Estate & Business News – December 21, 2017

NEW YORK CITY-“To call the changes ‘sweeping’ is an understatement, and yet it is still too early to say what the impact will be,” write Victor Calanog and Barbara Byrne Denham at Reis. Nonetheless, with passage of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act by both houses of Congress now a done deal-aside from a few minor points that the House will need to revisit-Reis’ chief economist and senior economist…»
As 2017 comes to a close, the multifamily housing market is now in its seventh year of growth and remains one of the most active investment classes for both private and institutional investors. Today, the industry’s 35 million residents currently drive a $1 trillion annual contribution to the U.S. economy. As investors remain cautiously optimistic in repositioning their portfolios…»
As holiday revelers put the finishing touches on their gift lists, some of the stores where they’ve been shopping may face a rough new year ahead. The number of U.S. retail and apparel companies at potential risk of defaulting on their debts or seeking bankruptcy court protection continues to grow, according to an analysis by rating agency Moody’s for USA TODAY…»
When looking at the U.S. markets with the most apartment units in the pipeline, one helpful measure is to look at how many projects are currently under construction. However, while that figure can help to determine what is going up in the near future, what is the story a year from now? To take a different look at which markets have the most new units in their pipeline…»
It was what one expert called “the mother of all booms.” Just over a decade ago, Arizona’s construction industry was leading the country in residential and commercial building. People were waiting up to a year for a house, even as builders were throwing new homes up on spec for the residents who were flocking to the state. And then it was over…»