Commercial Real Estate & Business News – December 23, 2021

Walk into any restaurant, store or gas station and you will probably find higher prices posted on menus, stickers and reader boards. Most consumers didn’t need the official announcement in early December about a 6.8% inflation rate to know that everything from an avocado to a…»
The apartment sector has been on a roller coaster since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some markets in 2020 saw meaningful drops in rents, occupancy and other metrics, but even in markets that remained stable, landlords had to work with tenants who lost income and couldn’t…»
Nobody knows, exactly, how many shovelfuls of dirt there are in 275 square miles. But the first few of them have now been dug in the vast tract of state trust land known as Superstition Vistas. And by 2023, the first of what could someday be a million residents will be moving into their new…»
The country began breathing a sigh of relief in the second quarter of 2021 as U.S. GDP returned to pre-pandemic levels. With a substantial part of the U.S. population vaccinated, the unemployment rate plummeted, schools began preparing for in-person instruction and restaurants…»
The commercial real estate sector continues to improve markedly from the depths of the pandemic-induced recession in Spring 2020. In the third quarter of this year, commercial mortgage delinquencies declined further across all investor groups, according to MBA’s latest Commercial/Multifamily…»