Commercial Real Estate & Business News – December 3, 2015

Commercial real estate loans and securities helped boost total FDIC-insured banks and savings and loans $46.5 billion in the third quarter of 2015 from mid-year to $15.89 trillion. Total loans and leases increased by $95.3 billion, approximately 1.1%, led by nonfarm nonresidential real estate loans, which were up $23.8 billion, or 2%. Multifamily residential real estate loans were up $13.9 billion, or 4.4%, and real estate construction and development loans increased $10.3 billion, or 4%… Read more »
If downtown Phoenix had a Christmas list, a grocery store would be at or near the top — akin to a red bow topped Lexus or little girl’s perennial pining for a pony. Downtown is gradually overcoming its ghost town after 5 p.m.image thanks to the growth of Arizona State University’s city center campus, the opening of Metro light rail in 2008 and success of coffee shops and restaurants at the CityScape development and Roosevelt Row… Read more »
The nascent single family rental business, which emerged just a few years ago when major Wall Street investors sought to capitalize on depressed housing values as the economy climbed out of recession, got a boost this past week from some promising numbers released by Kroll Bond Rating Agency… Read more »
There’s plenty of construction going on with apartments and even a few condos in downtown and central Phoenix. But one much-anticipated project where dirt isn’t yet being moved is a proposed 34-story apartment tower set to be built on the site of the Central Station light rail stop and Valley Metro bus hub… Read more »
Billion-dollar portfolio purchases are making headlines, bond yields are still razor thin and REIT property values are still high. With industry conditions like these, the commercial real estate market is beginning to look a lot like 2006-2007, when it was racing toward a painful correction. As the market heads toward the close of the year, industry experts are already wondering, “Are we seeing another bubble emerge in the real estate market, and if so, what is in the road up ahead?”… Read more »