Commercial Real Estate & Business News – December 31, 2020


2020 Was The Year the Jobs Went Away. But When Will They Come Back?
The pandemic cleaved its way through the jobs market this year, carving a wide divide between the businesses that boomed during the crisis and those who were crushed by it. Over 22 million jobs disappeared at the start of the pandemic. Only 12 million have been recovered, leaving another 10…»
Phoenix Among Markets With Fastest Flex Office Space Expansion in the U.S.
The pandemic-induced downturn that some feared would severely impact the flexible office space sector has instead landed flex space a prime role in future office strategies, according to a new report from CBRE. Flex office space has grown rapidly as of late in Phoenix, expanding by 13.7…»
Phoenix Receives $49.4M in Federal Grants for Light Rail Extension
PHOENIX – The City of Phoenix will receive $49.4 million from a federal grant program to put toward the latest expansion of the light rail system in the northern part of town. The funding comes from the Federal Transit Administration in the form of Capital Investment Grants, which is a program…»
Companies at FLITE Goodyear’s 1M SQ Campus Continue to Expand
Companies at FLITE Goodyear, the former home of Lockheed Martin and Arizona’s new launchpad for 21st Century innovation, are currently expanding and enhancing the success of the one million-square-foot mixed-use campus. Already home to more than 60 companies on 95 acres, FLITE…»
EV Safety Rankings – Some Cities Gain, Some Slip
If you’re looking to live somewhere relatively safe from all the perils that modern life can throw at us, the East Valley is a pretty good bet – but in some of our cities, not as good as a year ago. WalletHub, a personal finance website that frequently ranks cities for various quality-of-life factors…»