Commercial Real Estate & Business News February 12, 2019

Gilbert’s New Mission is to be the ‘City of the Future’
Gilbert, Arizona has unveiled its new mission: “Anticipate. Create. Help people.” As Gilbert approaches its 100thbirthday in 2020, the new mission statement is focused on keeping the thriving community that Gilbert is today well into the future. “The people are here, the businesses are coming, we are going to be just fine tomorrow,” said…»E-Commerce Poised To Make More Demands of Industrial
Backlogs at factories are elevated, retailers are competing for last-mile storage facilities and the labor market remains tight with workers increasingly hard to find and costly to attract and retain. The state of the e-commerce industrial market is humming with high energy. According to Cushman & Wakefield’s 2019 North American Industrial Forecast Report,…»Don’t Overlook Affordable Housing Investment
As investors, we are sometimes quick to overlook opportunities that may not initially appear as lucrative as others.  Or, to our own detriment, we simply don’t have enough of the necessary background knowledge to make an educated decision about them. This is all too often the case with affordable housing investments, in particular…»Arizona Apartment Industry Warns Of ‘Crisis Point’
Arizona’s apartment industry is sounding the alarm about the lack of affordable housing. A new market analysis conducted for the Arizona Multifamily Housing Association finds strong demand for all types of apartments: affordable, workforce and luxury. But the current supply is mostly in the upper end, and that concerns…»Renters Are Renewing Their Leases More Than Ever Before
Despite rents continuing to rise throughout much of 2018, renters are choosing to remain in the same apartment more than they ever have before, even if their rent goes up. In fact, a new report from RealPage shows that apartment resident retention (renters electing to renew their lease after its initial term expires) hit an all-time high last year, with…»