Commercial Real Estate & Business News – February 16, 2017

It would be “unwise” to delay interest rate increases too long, said Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, speaking before the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs of the U.S. Senate on Tuesday. She didn’t say there’s going to be a move on rates next month-the next opportunity for the Fed-but that delaying would mean more rapid rate hikes down the road, which would be more disruptive…»

There is always a bit of suspense after a sector takes off and developers break ground on a host of new projects. That’s when people start to carefully watch the flow of new tenants and gauge whether the level of demand justifies all that new construction. The multifamily market in the US has been one of those rapidly expanding sectors, and so far, the new supply seems well-matched by the desire among consumers for new homes…»

Leaders in the multifamily industry may be just as in the dark as everyone else when it comes to new policy stances on housing, immigration, tax reform, and other issues that could affect the market, but largely the industry is feeling healthy…»

Gilbert will have a new shopping center by the end of this year. San Tan Pavilions, the upcoming center at Williams Field Road and SanTan Parkway, has announced six incoming tenants, which amounts to 119,393 square feet of retail and restaurant space. A rendering of the San Tan Pavilions in Gilbert…»
Development plans include a three-story, 125,000-square-foot mini storage facility at one end of the property and more than 300 apartments on the remaining 6 acres…»