Commercial Real Estate & Business News – February 16, 2022

The redevelopment going up where Paradise Valley Mall once stood will simply be called PV. The company behind the project, Red Development, unveiled the name and a simple gray logo on Tuesday. The 43-year-old mall in northeast Phoenix was…»
Phoenix-based adaptive reuse experts Venue Projects and Scottsdale-based legacy developer Sunbelt Holdingshave been selected by the City of Tempe to co-lead the redevelopment plans for the 5-acre Hayden Flour Mill, one of Tempe’s most…»
Jerome Green, who has worked in the food industry for about 30 years, has co-owned and operated Aroma Mocha Coffee AZ in the West Valley since 2018. And like many businesses in and out of Arizona, Green has taken notice of the area’s growth. It’s why…»
Sun Belt cities have long been magnets for population growth, and that trend has only accelerated over the past two years. A combination of better weather, fewer regulations and lower housing costs has attracted businesses and people to the South and West…»
Mesa and the rest of the Phoenix Metro area must build their way out of the current housing deficit or face economic catastrophe down the road, a noted Valley economist is warning local officials. The housing shortage is just not dire in Arizona but throughout the country…»