Commercial Real Estate & Business News January 13, 2020

Retiring Baby Boomers Could Reshape Real Estate As the heart of the baby boomer generation begins to hit retirement age, what boomers will do instead of work has the potential to transform multiple sectors of the real estate industry. About half of all baby boomers have hit the age of 65, and while exact retirement ages will vary, their sheer numbers – 693 million boomers worldwide will…»
It Could be a Busy Year for Affordable Housing Development
Despite the rising cost of land, labor and materials, more developers are finding the financing tools needed to build new affordable housing. “There is higher production in 2018 than 2017, thanks to a robust bond market-that has been driving a lot of activity,” says Peter Lawrence, director of public policy and government relations…»
Phoenix Landlords Celebrate as Companies Move to City From Costlier Markets
Economic developers and office and industrial landlords can bask in another stellar year for Phoenix-area corporate expansions. An abundance of prestigious corporate job announcements over the past 12 months underpin a positive outlook for Phoenix’s maturing employment market and economic viability. More than…»
Buying a New House May Now be Easier for Millennials as More Starter Homes Get Built
Staton McGowin went house hunting seven years ago but couldn’t afford the monthly mortgage payments on his $18-an-hour construction worker salary. Now 29 and an electrical engineer, McGowin’s pay has more than doubled, allowing the Greenville, Texas, resident to easily purchase a $223,000 newly built starter home, which…»
Some Nerve? Amazon Goes Brick and Mortar
Amazon, long the most dominant retailer in the online world opened a new brick-and-mortar bookstore in Scottsdale – its 20th in a nationwide move in recent years. The new Amazon bookstore at Scottsdale Quarter is the first of its kind in Arizona. Upon first glance, the store looks a lot the previously shuddered booksellers, all of…»