Commercial Real Estate & Business News January 15, 2019

Private Equity Appetite for Risk Appears to Show No Signs of Slowing
Oaktree Capital, a global asset manager with more than $124 billion in assets under management, has launched the eighth in its series of opportunistic real estate funds in a move that seeks to tap demand for properties that can be upgraded and better managed for returns that can exceed 10 percent. Registration paperwork was filed with the…»
Real Estate Funds Have Been a Balm in a Stinging Market
After years of being overshadowed by the likes of Apple and Alphabet, real estate funds have lately edged ahead of the overall stock market by betting mainly on old-fashioned assets like office buildings, malls and warehouses.In the fourth quarter, when the stock market really started to jitter and slide, the S&P 500 sank 13.52 percent, including…»
CRE Investors Are Showing a Growing Appetite for Higher-Yielding Alternative Assets
Sectors such as self-storage and student housing appear more attractive as yields for core real estate drop. It wasn’t that long ago that alternative properties didn’t get much respect, but as yields compress in core property sectors, alternatives have caught the eye of investors, and 2019 should continue that trend. “For many years, non-traditional real…»
Opportunity Zones Shine Bright in the Valley – But Not Without Off-Market Data
Commercial real estate professionals will know there’s no avoiding Opportunity Zones these days, especially in hot markets like Phoenix. The popular government program sets out to stimulate low-income and underdeveloped communities across the nation by offering generous incentives on capital gains to investors and developers. Of the 144…»
Slower GDP Growth Is Not A Negative For CRE
There was no way the torrid rate of growth in corporate earnings will continue this year. The effects of the tax cuts and deregulation had a huge impact for the positive in 2018, but now it is a new year with new problems. That said, for all the talk of a recession in 2019, the US economy is still growing very nicely and will continue to do so unless…»