Commercial Real Estate & Business News – January 2, 2014


Cap rates often rise when interest rates rise, but that may not be the case in many markets in 2014. In the short-term, continued strong demand from equity investors should keep in check any potential hikes to cap rates that buyers hope will accompany higher debt costs. Most finance experts are skeptical that moderately rising long-term mortgage rates over the coming year would have much if any impact… Read more
Metro Phoenix’s commercial-real-estate market, once battered like the region’s housing sector during the crash, is on the rebound and rapidly gaining popularity with big investors again. In the latest “Emerging Trends in Real Estate” report, considered one of the real-estate industry’s most influential surveys, Phoenix moved up eight spots from last year… Read more
It was a great year for the stock market. And it was also a pretty good year for many people’s biggest investment: their homes.In 2013’s last glimpse at the housing market, figures released on Tuesday showed that home prices in major metro areas kept rising in October. Year-over-year, prices were up 13.6 percent… Read more
They didn’t take the same routes toward their respective success, but Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert will all end 2013 with a strong year in their economic development which brings hope for a fortuitous 2014. Chandler had a strong year on the economic front, with several sizable businesses announcing plans to make Chandler their new home… Read more
Commercial real estate firms are moving into the New Year with a renewed since of optimism – a positive outlook not seen for the past seven or eight years. While many in the industry predicted a recovery in 2013, they did so with a sense of nagging worry over slower than expected job growth and concerns that the political brinkmanship in Washington could threaten the nation’s credit rating and pitch the economy into stagnation… Read more