Commercial Real Estate & Business News – January 21, 2014

Hungry For Returns

As investors dealt with so much fiscal uncertainty in 2013 – the budget deficit, potential tax increases, raising of the debt ceiling, and higher health insurance premiums associated with the Affordable Care Act just to name a few – it is almost a relief to get back to worrying about the basics. Concerns such as the economy, capital markets, and monetary policy, as well as geopolitical challenges, have taken a back seat in news reports and day-to-day conversations… Read more

Report: Troubles Ahead for Commercial Real Estate Loan Refinancing

With an estimated $1.4 trillion in commercial mortgages due to mature between 2014 and 2017, lenders and investors may be in for a flood of refinancing that could present new challenges for the market, according to a December 2013 year-end Trepp report… Read more

Restaurants Enter 5th Year of Real Sales Growth

This will mark the fifth consecutive year of real sales growth for the restaurant industry despite a continued challenging economic landscape, aaccording to the National Restaurant Association’s 2014 Restaurant Industry Forecast released today. Industry sales are projected to exceed $683 billion in 2014, up 3.6 percent over 2013 (1.2 percent when adjusted for inflation)… Read more

City of Tucson to Sell Surplus Land for Development

Several major land parcels owned by the City of Tucson have been declared surplus and the first three have been brought to market this week. The parcels are located at the northeast, southeast and southwest corners of the new Kino Parkway Overpass and 22nd Street intersection… Read more

Threat Alert? Homeownership Rate Inches Up

It’s been a great few years for the multifamily market. Demand has steadily increased for rental housing and, even though rent growth peaked in 2012, owners are still experiencing consistent, sometimes historic, growth in a number of markets. But as that rent growth marches on, and the for-sale market continues to revive, it’s forcing many renters to reconsider the rent. vs. own debate… Read more