Commercial Real Estate & Business News January 21, 2019

How the Government Shutdown Impacts CRE
As the longest government shutdown in American history heads into its fourth week, the commercial real estate industry is preparing for possible repercussions. Chief among the concerns in the industry is the finalization of recently proposed Opportunity Zone regulations and the possibility of a trickle-down effect. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the…»
Will a Protracted Shutdown Cause Serious Damage to the U.S. Economy?
The country’s record-setting partial government shutdown, which began on Dec. 22, has yet to show up in economic indicators, but if it persists for another month or more that could change, experts say. While there have been plenty of inconveniences from long security lines at airports to closed bathrooms and trash buildup at the…»
Freddie Mac Research Projects Strong 2019 Market
Freddie Mac expects another strong year for the multifamily market in 2019 with solid rent growth-projected at a nationwide average increase of 4 percent-and vacancies continuing to perform at historical averages. The company’s outlook for this year also reveals that origination volume is estimated to grow to $317 billion from about $305 billion in…»
2018’s Record Deal Volume Suggests Positive Trajectory for 2019
If 2018’s good fortune is any indication, the new year looks bright for apartment developers and investors hoping to capitalize on multifamily assets in 2019. Deals were up and investment activity was strong last year-in fact, the third quarter of 2018 set records for transaction volume. Multifamily transaction activity was up 14.7% year to date in…»
2019 Apartment Outlook
At one of the largest property management firms in the country, someone hasn’t been coming into the office. At first, it was just a property here and there, but then at several Pinnacle locations, leasing prospects were finishing community tours with the same refrain. “They’d all comment on what a shame it was that Elise wasn’t there,” says…»