Commercial Real Estate & Business News July 17, 2018

Earlier this year ING issued a survey, which found that in the Americas, sustainability strategies have shifted from being a cost-cutting or brand reputation strategy to being a true revenue driver. This holds true for commercial real estate as well. The importance of sustainability in commercial real estate as a growth engine is now recognized by market participants both on the equity and on the debt side…»
A new economic report looking at downtown Phoenix shows the fast-growing area is generating $9.7 billion annually in economic activity. This number is derived from 66,000 employees in the downtown area earning $3.9 billion in total income…»
Multifamily investment in Phoenix has never been hotter.  With $3 billion worth of assets trading hands in the first half of 2018, this year’s annual sales volume is on pace to shatter the all-time high set in 2016. Fervent investor demand for Phoenix apartments has also propelled prices into uncharted territory…»
PHOENIX, ARIZ. – Industrial demand remains high following a record 2017 with the Sky Harbor and Southeast submarkets experiencing most of the activity since the last downturn, but demand is outpacing the current supply, spurring the adaptive reuse and modernization of existing buildings to keep up with growing demands…»
There is no doubt that one of the trends that has had the biggest impact on the real estate industry over the past decade has been the growth in e-commerce. While the rise in online shopping has clearly posed challenges for many retail real estate owners and tenants, it has been an absolute boon for other sectors-including industrial REITs…»