Commercial Real Estate & Business News – July 6, 2020

Recent Virus Surge Will Force Congress to Offer Additional Stimulus for Businesses
With Covid-19 cases once again surging among communities in the South and the West, government officials are beginning to claw back the reopening of bars, hotels, restaurants and other businesses. Understandably, it will have an effect on the broader U.S. economy…»
NEWS: Q2 Economic Sentiment: Commercial Real Estate Execs Confirm COVID-19 Market Downturn
Commercial real estate executives confirmed a downturn in Q2 market conditions due to job losses and business shutdowns related to COVID-19, according to The Real Estate Round table’s 2020 Q2 Economic Sentiment Index released today. The report also shows there…»
Tech’s Ever-evolving Impact on the Multifamily Space
Well before the residents of multifamily properties were asked to shelter in place, they sought to shelter in comfort. Simply put, tenants want nice things. They want the best amenities. They want to coddle themselves. They particularly want technology…»
Retail Net Lease Cap Rates Increase 10 Basis Points in Q2
The COVID-19 pandemic hit the net lease transaction market hard in the second quarter. In Q2, asking cap rates in the net lease retail sector increased by ten basis points to 6.25%, according to The Boulder Group’s 2nd Quarter Net Lease Research Report…»
The Human Bean Expanding Its Presence in Arizona
The Human Bean, an Oregon-based franchise coffee restaurant company, is expanding its footprint in Arizona. Local franchisee Brian Sherrill is in partnership with three family members and they currently own three Valley restaurants with three more in Arizona…»