Commercial Real Estate & Business News – July 8, 2016

Most real estate sectors are “looking pretty good” for the second half of the year: Although November’s general election is a “wild card,” the economy remains on a slow-growth track, which is positive for REITs…»
Freddie Mac has released a study of the housing plans and perceptions of those 55 or older, showing that nearly 6 million homeowners-and almost as many older renters-are looking to make at least one more move. And that move will be into rental housing…»
An overall value vs. price rating of 4.9 indicates that this quarter, the price of commercial real estate properties outpaced value, albeit minimally…»
The latest FOMC meeting minutes suggest the Fed is rethinking its schedule of interest rate hikes this year…»
Where have all the houses gone? That’s the question economists and, more importantly, would-be homebuyers are asking themselves. Demand is healthy and home values are rising. Owning a home remains a better deal than renting one and mortgage rates are near record lows, meaning borrowing money to buy is cheap…»