Commercial Real Estate & Business News June 17, 2019

Strong Economic Data Eases Fears of US Slowdown US consumers splashed out on autos, electronic gadgets and appliances last month, easing fears of an economic slowdown and dampening expectations of a quick interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve. Headline retail sales rose 0.5 per cent month-on-month in May, the commerce department said on Friday, offering evidence that consumption had…»
Are Arizona Cities Losing Out on Taxes from Vacation Rentals? Here’s What You Need to Know
Some Arizona residents complain about streams of strangers showing up at neighboring vacation rentals. Some complain about loud parties every night of the week. But there may be a financial complaint, as some worry that short-term rentals aren’t paying their fair share in taxes. Glendale first began noticing problems when the city hosted the…»
Greater Phoenix Economic Council Launches Effort to Recruit Californians to Arizona
Ask any of many, many people who chose to make the Valley home, and you’ll hear a few familiar responses.”Sunshine and warmth,” Kayla Caldwell, who recently relocated from Washington, said when asked why she moved. Even though Maricopa County is already growing faster than any other county in the country, business leaders want more. “Our target is…»
Six Programs Target Affordable Housing Support and Disruption
Building affordable housing is not a high-profit business. Recently it has become difficult to make any profit at all, which has led to a sharp reduction in the supply of affordable housing while the demand continues to escalate. This is being felt in many markets across the country, more sharply in some than others. It’s felt by the public, by local government and…»
The Shortest and Longest Commutes in Arizona
Everyone hates sitting in traffic. Less time commuting means more time for work, family, and fun. today released a study on the Best and Worst Commutes in Arizona using the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau.The average travel time to work in the state of Arizona is 25.6 minutes, but it varies greatly by…»