Commercial Real Estate & Business News – June 23, 2021

With thousands of acres of flat open land ideally situated midway between Phoenix and Tucson, and with easy access to major highway, rail and air transportation, it’s no wonder that Pinal County hosts an abundance of industrial parks. Ranging from…»
With Phoenix City Council giving zoning approval on a contentious $50 million apartment project in midtown Phoenix, Dallas-based Trinsic Residential Group is set to begin construction on the 210-unit project. The 4-story apartments will be built on three acres..»
It’s not as cheap to live in our desert oasis as it used to be, but the good news is that the cost of living in Phoenix is still lower than sizable cities in other states. The real estate market in Phoenix continues to make national headlines, with no slowing…»
Until this past week, the Federal Reserve policy-setting committee had been on autopilot, stressing it would hold to its extremely accommodative monetary stance until “substantial forward progress” has been made toward its maximum employment and…»
Evictions have hit lower-income metro Phoenix neighborhoods located centrally near job hubs, freeways and mass transit the hardest during the coronavirus pandemic. These are neighborhoods where many service workers, who have been…»