Commercial Real Estate & Business News – June 7, 2013

Vacancy Rates Continue Decline in Second Quarter 2013

Economic activity posted a steady pace of growth over the past few months, as consumers and businesses seemed committed to moving forward. Gross domestic product rose 2.4 percent in the first quarter of the year. Riding the moderate temperature of a mild winter, consumers opened up their wallets at the fastest pace since the fourth quarter 2010… Read more

Nationstar Signs for 160,000 SF

Nationstar Mortgage has become the first major company to take space at the 153-acre Continuum Science & Technology Park in the Price Corridor. The Lewisville, TX-based mortgage servicer and lender will place its Advanced Business Sector in 160,000 square feet (with an option to expand), ultimately adding 1,200 new jobs to the local economy… Read more

Heritage District Becoming a More Vibrant, Exciting Downtown

Lots of things are happening in the Heritage District. Both the SoCal Fish Taco Shop and Joyride Taco House just opened in downtown Gilbert. Another coffee option is in process and the Heritage Marketplace project will begin construction late this summer. In addition, the parking garage by Heritage Marketplace will break ground soon… Read more

Investors Start Looking Beyond Trophy Malls in Order to Complete Acquisitions

Real estate investors are coming to the realization that they need to become more flexible if they want to acquire regional malls while the market remains favorable for new deals, according to industry insiders. This week’s announcement that Macerich Co. will sell four of its malls may be the first clear indication that buyers are now willing to look beyond primary markets in pursuit of yield… Read more

Housing Market Recovery in the US Starting to Mature, Say Analysts

The recovery in the US residential real estate market is continuing to mature with Spring buying activity started to take marginal effect on short term price trends, according to the latest analysis from Clear Capital. Its latest report also shows that quarterly, national and regional gains… Read more