Commercial Real Estate & Business News – March 16, 2022

The Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity shows a path of recovery for the state in its latest employment report. The seasonally adjusted jobless rate decreased to 3.7% in January, down from a month earlier. Year-over-year Arizona non farm employment saw…»
PHOENIX — Tari Mock can smile about all her plans for her new home now, but she still can’t get over what it took to get her into it.In all she had seven offers rejected and was outbid, usually with cash buyers.”It felt very unfair,” she told ABC15…»
Pointing to “alarming obsolescence,” Zisler Capital Associates released a report of a new economic analysis stating that “as much as 70% of the total inventory faces an alarming period of repricing due to fast-paced obsolescence, accelerated by COVID but…»
As the healthcare industry evolves, more and more health and wellness providers are choosing to move into retail centers. These “medial” tenants are driving much of the retail leasing activity right now, leading to a supply-demand imbalance in highly visible…»
While 2021 was a record year for multifamily investment sales, brokers see no sign of a slowdown. Some dealmakers anticipate that 2022 could be an even bigger year. In 2021, U.S. multifamily property and portfolio sales nationally totaled $335.3 billion, up…»