Commercial Real Estate & Business News – March 18, 2015

There are lots of conversations these days about how to preserve, enhance and contribute to an authentic sense of place in our urban core. And while not all projects are as successful as some would like, increasingly we’re seeing innovative, adaptive reuse renovations along the Central corridor… Read more »
A multifamily residential development proposed for 4 acres north of the northeast corner of 32nd Street and Shea promises to be a step toward fulfilling Phoenix’s sweeping vision to transform 32nd Street to a magnet for residential and commercial investment and a place where residents can live, work and play… Read more »
Scottsdale city staff are expected to present to city council a plan they say could help spur additional economic activity within the McDowell Corridor as public and private revitalization efforts continue. Resolution 9990 — the McDowell Corridor Fee Schedule — temporarily modifies certain residential and commercial development fees. If adopted, the new fees would be in place for two years… Read more »
Some of the region’s top restaurateurs and restaurant designers are teaming up for a redevelopment project on Seventh Street near Missouri Avenue in Phoenix. Bob Agahi and David Sellers’ Western Vertical Holdings have begun construction on the project called The Colony. They are rehabilitating the central Phoenix property…Read more »
Arizona’s ailing construction industry is adding jobs again, reversing an 8-month trend of falling employment and potentially signaling a revival of the home building market. Depending on the source, anywhere from 2,800 to 2,400 new construction jobs were created across the state during January. That increase ranks Arizona 10th nationally for new construction employment, according to the Associated General Contractors of America…Read more »