Commercial Real Estate & Business News – March 23, 2021

Shoppers are out for vengeance. A year into a pandemic that’s devastated lives, jobs and the economy, those who are lucky enough to have disposable income are ready to go out and splurge — even if they still have nowhere to go in that stunning dress or those brand new sneakers. Some…»
For the first time in years, retailers across the country are planning to open more stores than they are closing. From Ulta Beauty and Sephora to Dick’s Sporting Goods, Five Below and TJ Maxx, businesses are rebounding from the Covid pandemic and dusting off expansion plans that…»
In a 180-degree turn from 2020, retailers’ expansion plans are outpacing plans to close up shop so far this year. U.S. retailers have announced 3,199 store openings and 2,548 closures year-to-date, according to a tracking by Coresight Research. For comparison, the firm…»
The drive along the 36-mile length of the Loop 303 freeway in the West Valley takes well under an hour. The trip goes fast, but not quite as fast as the land along the 303 is being gobbled up by developers and filled with massive manufacturing and logistics facilities. “Developers from…»
Those who complain “there’s nothing to do in southeast Mesa” should take note of the 330-acre Legacy Sports Entertainment Park – and prepare for a major change to that sleep scene starting this fall. Big enough for youth sports and soccer tournaments? Check, dozens of…»