Commercial Real Estate & Business News – March 24, 2023

Analysis: The Fed’s Slowdown Provides Breathing Room to a Market That Needs It

The Federal Reserve’s 25-basis-point increase in the federal funds rate on Wednesday was widely expected; now the question is where the Fed—and the market—goes from here. Among commercial real estate economists and finance experts, the…»

CRE Sizes Up Fed’s Latest Rate Hike

In a move that was not without its fair share of controversy, the Federal Reserve has unanimously elected to further raise interest rates by 25 basis points in March, bringing the current federal funds rate to a range of 4.75 to 5 percent. The hike was…»

West Valley Developers Capitalize on Tourism Boom

Whether it’s a concert, the Super Bowl, March Madness or a bowl game, you can find it all in the West Valley. Thanks to an influx of tourists heading west for entertainment, cities in the West Valley are trying to capitalize off these guests…»

Developer Unveils New Renderings for Proposed Phoenix Residential Tower

Chicago-based LG Group has started construction on what will be one of the largest residential towers in downtown Phoenix once completed. The new 28-story tower will total 1.4 million square feet with 747 units and nearly…»

5 Reasons We Won’t See a Housing Market Crash Soon

The housing market is stabilizing in 2023, not crashing. Here are five reasons we won’t see a housing market crash soon. It’s been a housing market roller coaster the past few years with no shortage of news about record-high prices…»