Commercial Real Estate & Business News – March 31, 2020

Increased Demand for Warehouse Space and Labor Created by COVID-19 Could be a Long-Term Trend
As non-essential businesses are forced to close doors, some retail and e-commerce firms are ramping up hiring and operations in order to meet a surge in demand for necessities and home deliveries. “There’s certainly good news and bad news happening in retail…»
Why the Pandemic Won’t Derail Growth in Phoenix
Phoenix is still early in its growth cycle, and most commercial real estate players had believed the market had a long runway because it was late to recover from the last recession. However, Thomas Brophy of Colliers International, says that the job diversity gained in recent years…»
Construction Leaders Stress That Work Should Go On Despite Pandemic
In Arizona, many large-scale construction projects are currently underway and any stoppage in work will have a ripple effect throughout the economy.” As a business, we are going to continue our work. We are going to do our individual part well because it matters to the whole,” said Brian Murray, CEO…»
Here are 6 Projects to Watch in the Valley
AZRE magazine features six “New to Market” projects to watch and that you need to know about. If you know of a significant project that will be completed or will break ground in Arizona soon, then submit your project submissions to AZRE Associate…»
How Will Coronavirus Affect Global CRE Deal Volume?
As cases of Covid-19 surge, financial markets have nosedived – a fate that has not escaped public real estate investment.Industry experts say some investors are trying to turn lemons into lemonade, hunting for opportunistic plays. But others note that negative sentiment…»