Commercial Real Estate & Business News – May 11, 2021

People have been on the move since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. With remote work at play, many are leaving expensive cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago for the suburbs or for more affordable cities like Austin, Phoenix or Nashville,…»
Arizona’s economy continues to recover and could recoup all of the jobs lost in last year’s recession in coming months, with no housing bubble on the horizon despite rising home prices and tight supplies, Arizona State University forecasters said…»
A golf entertainment concept with plans to expand throughout the Sun Belt has named two future locations in the Valley. PopStroke Entertainment, owned by golf legend Tiger Woods and Greg Bartoli, says it has plans to open at The Pavilions at…»
Regulations imposed by all levels of government account for $93,870, or 23.8% of the current average sales price ($397,300) of a new single-family home, according to a new study by NAHB.Of the $93,870 figure, $41,330 is attributable to regulation…»
Following the explosive growth of the industrial sector in 2020, developers continue to move forward, with nearly 370 million square feet of projects underway at the end of April, according to CommercialEdge data. The rapid expansion of e-commerce…»