Commercial Real Estate & Business News – May 18, 2016

More Millennials and boomerang buyers bouncing back after foreclosure are purchasing metro Phoenix homes than ever. But it’s not just because they want a place of their own. Rents for homes, condominiums and apartments climbed sharply in many Valley neighborhoods during the past few years and are still on the rise…Read more »
In a letter to the editor of Casa Grande Dispatch, AZ Sourcing says two of its Pinal County projects are moving forward. “We are pleased to report that we have the funding necessary to move forward on both the development of PhoenixMart and the redevelopment of the former Tanger Outlet Center, wrote Marshall Stahl, AZ Sourcing chief operating officer… Read more »
Off to a wobbly start in 2016, the lending landscape for commercial real estate is expected to bolster as the year progresses. Yet investors and lenders remain uncertain about the extent of improvement, as the industry faces looming loan maturities and regulatory measures. The CMBS market has been on shaky ground recently, as concerns about the stock market, China and the global economy dampened lender and investor confidence…Read more »
Commercial real estate executives appear relatively optimistic about the general state of? the market in 2016, with many predicting higher than average deal volumes for their firms. When considering the adoption of new technology, most believe that the influx of CRE tech companies is revolutionizing the industry. These executives recognize that while the U.S. CRE market is recovering, there are still certain segments that are poised for significant decline… Read more »
New investors with little or no experience in operating affordable housing are bidding high for aging rental housing communities built with affordable housing programs. “Affordable housing has become a commodity that is traded through brokers,” says Scott Kline, vice president for the National Housing Trust (NHT). “And there are a lot of bidders.” These deals can make sense for for-profit investors, at least in the short term… Read more »