Commercial Real Estate & Business News – May 23, 2022

Reimaged Metrocenter Lands BGCAZ, Vista College Prep

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley (BGCAZ) and Vista College Preparatory (“Vista College Prep”) are investing in youth in the re-imaged community surrounding Metro center mall with a new grade school (K-8) campus and Club…»

Homebuilders Open Communities Across the Valley With Hundreds of New Homes for Sale


Two publicly traded homebuilders are unveiling new communities in the Valley at a time when the market is cooling. Landsea Homes Corp. (Nasdaq: LSEA) has begun selling 90 homes at Rev at Eastmark in Mesa while KB Home (NYSE: KBH) opened…»

How The Owners of These Popular Metro Phoenix Restaurants Grew Their Business, Even Through Pandemic



When Nick Campisano and Josh James went on food trips, the food and beverage industry veterans were constantly fascinated by what big food-centric cities like New York and Chicago were doing. Campisano talked about…»

Economic Development Officials in 3 Cities Share How They’re Bringing People, Businesses Back to Downtown

The future of downtowns across America has been debated and scrutinized since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.In the early days of the pandemic, people decamped dense urban cores for more square footage, social distancing and cost savings elsewhere    …»

Top 10 Best Cities for Early Retirement Include 4 From Arizona

Fewer Americans plan to work past the age of 62. In a March 2022 survey conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 49.2% of Americans plan to work past the age of 62, a figure that is 6.2% lower than two years prior. However, it can be…»