Commercial Real Estate & Business News – May 26, 2016

Mixed reviews for a “no respect” recovery but no recession in sight, says the former Fed leader.. The economy was on the mind of thousands of real estate professionals at RECon this week, and a former Federal Reserve chairman took the occasion to downplay worries about an imminent downturn. “I don’t see any reason why the odds of a recession are any bigger than usual”… Read more »
Towards the end of last year, murmurs were hitting the industry – would 2016 be just as good as 2015? Yardi Matrix’s U.S. Multifamily Outlook suggests it may not be quite as good, but it will definitely be close. The multifamily software company forecasts rental growth of about 5% for 2016, just under the 6.3% rate experienced in 2015. Yardi finds jobs and population growth will keep demand high, raising rents at above-historic norms…Read more »
More consumers are choosing to live in urban centers, creating opportunities for retail property developers and retailers who don’t mind being creative and thinking outside the box, execuitves said at a RECon panel discussion. “Retailers have to adjust their mindsets when doing urban retail,” said Jason Richter, principal at Capricorn Asset Management in New York… Read more »
Arizona’s 9.7 percent growth in jobs since 2009 tops the national rate of 9.3 percent. But new job growth is only one metric by which Arizona topped the U.S. economy over the past seven years, according to State Economic Snapshots assembled by the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress… Read more »
A Canadian company that operates more than 2,700 restaurants and fast-food outlets has agreed to acquire Kahala Brands, the Scottsdale-based parent of Cold Stone Creamery and other businesses… Read more »