Commercial Real Estate & Business News – May 4, 2021

The Metro Phoenix commercial real estate sector continues to stay red hot, as evidenced by the biggest commercial real estate deals in April, according to the commercial real estate tracking website Vizzda. In terms of the overall Metro Phoenix market,…»
How will Covid-19 affect the future of commercial real estate? It’s a multibillion-dollar question that’s been debated since the start of the pandemic. With many businesses still plotting their returns to the office, the answer remains to be determined. But experts say…»
As online shopping has grown popular over the last couple of decades, many retailers have shifted resources from physical locations to online platforms. The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated those changes, leaving shopping centers…»
Copper Mountain Ranch, a major development that has been discussed for decades, may become a reality in the near future, Mayor Craig McFarland said in an update during an April town hall. As early as 1988, the picturesque views of the Sacaton Mountains…»
Like spring flowers popping up in gardens and lots around town, what can be called “Industrial Mesa” is in bloom. In the southeastern corner of the city, big chunks of land remain undeveloped – but not for long. Development plans zipped through…»