Commercial Real Estate & Business News – November 18, 2021

The latest inflation reading released last week was worse than expected. The consumer price index registered a 6.2% year-over-year increase, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is the fastest rate of price increases in more than 30 years, and an…»
More consumers will return to brick-and-mortar stores for annual gift purchases this holiday season, with in-store sales expected to jump significantly compared to 2020. Faced with the prospect of higher costs and hard-to-find items, shoppers are…»
While cold storage demand is heating up across the nation, Phoenix metro is lacking in supply to meet the growing market, industry experts say. “The inventory of cold storage buildings in metro Phoenix has been very tight,” said Cooper Fratt, senior vice president with…»
The multifamily sector has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the course of the pandemic, but headwinds are beginning to form for the Sunbelt, a region that’s been the target of considerable investor dollars of late. An analysis…»
The world’s leading manufacturer of business jets is coming to Mesa.At a press conference attended by state and local leaders, Gulfstream announced Nov. 9 that it will build a 225,000-square-foot, $70 million “sustainable aircraft service center” at…»