Commercial Real Estate & Business News – November 25, 2016


Not everyone is feeling confident about retail sales. U.S.-based importers and suppliers who sell goods to retailers are not entirely confident consumers are going to open their wallets, according to a new survey conducted by Capital Business Credit, a supply chain finance company…»

The odds that the Federal Reserve will elect to raise interest rates during the December meeting have reached 100%, according to the latest Bloomberg calculation based on futures trading. The last time the Fed chose to raise interest rates was in December of last year, which was the first time since June 2006…»

As it turns out, many of those less expensive housing states are red states, that is, states that traditionally vote Republican, and many of the out-of-state investors are from blue states, or states that traditionally vote Democrat, according to a new report from ATTOM Data Solutions, a fused property database…»

When it comes to trends in real estate, some are transient, and some are here to stay and shape the industry. We are interested to see how eco-friendly is the multifamily sector and what it means for renters…»

Home ownership rates in the US are expected to bounce back in 2017 and renting will become more affordable but Trump could push up housing cost, says a new analysis…»