Commercial Real Estate & Business News November 27, 2018

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Cos. has had a presence in Scottsdale for decades. What’s more, the company’s real estate arm, Nationwide Realty Investors, developed Gainey Ranch Corporate Center, where the company housed many of its employees. When the insurance giant outgrew its owned and leased space and was looking to invest nearly $1 billion in creating a mixed-used development to house its employees, as well as other Class A office space, hotels, retail and…»
As you round a curve on the eastbound Loop 202, a transformation comes into view. Just over a decade ago, the Hayden Flour Mill and Silos and Hayden Butte were the most noticeable structures visible from west of downtown Tempe. Sure, there were other buildings visible, but nothing that could be considered a skyline existed in Tempe. Today, downtown Tempe is looking more and more like an urban center, complete with tall buildings already…»
As the U.S. economy approaches 10 years without a recession, those with business or investments at stake are looking out for the same dangers that started the Great Recession and other downturns of the past. However, according to Yardi Matrix analyses and projections, the next recession might come from a series of small economic events rather than a massive burst bubble. “Economic downturns in recent decades have generally started with a bang…»
In the 1960s, the Rio Salado wasn’t in good shape. It was largely barren and folks thought the river was dead. With eyes set on creating a point of pride in the Valley, Arizona State University Dean James Elmore and his students devised a plan to reimagine the Rio Salado, creating an oasis across the Valley’s desert. The plan, dubbed the Rio Salado Project, needed a Herculean effort that would require buy-in from multiple municipalities, the state and federal…»
As the way Americans communicate has changed, event planning companies in Arizona and across the country have taken a new look at how to create memorable events for attendees. For Phoenix companies and venues, the growing economy has created a boom in the industry and has furthered the region as a destination not just for tourists but for corporate gatherings. Those events dominate the calendars of planning companies such as Merestone…»