Commercial Real Estate & Business News October 10, 2019

Rent Control and the Importance of a Free Market The issue of rent control is a sensitive one. It’s hard to make a stand for the importance of a free market undefined by governmental intrusion without sounding like a greedy landlord. But there is a place in that market for fair accommodation of housing that’s reasonably priced for all concerned. California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into…»
Phoenix Becomes a Magnet for Distribution and Warehouse Facilities
As the Phoenix market grows, so does the demand for goods and places to sort, store and ship them. At the same time, the cost of doing business in coastal markets is becoming unmanageable for some companies, so Phoenix is a very attractive (and much more affordable) alternative. This double whammy has turned Phoenix into an emerging…»
NewQuest Closes on First AZ Buy; Nabs 117K-SF Anderson Fiesta
Houston-based NewQuest Properties closed on its first wholly-owned asset in Arizona, purchasing the 117,391-square-foot Anderson Fiesta Shopping Center in Chandler, AZ. The buyer shook hands with seller LNR Partners, after the 35%-leased property was pulled from the auction block. The new owner will invest nearly $10 million into…»
CRE Lenders Try to Hold On to Underwriting Discipline to Avoid Future Refi Risk
The drop in interest rates has been great news for borrowers, with low cost of capital that is effectively giving them more buying power. Yet, for the most part, lenders are keeping borrowers in check on leverage and structuring deals with an eye on an easy exit at maturity. Lenders learned some hard lessons in the last recession that…»
The Recession-Resistant Case for Healthcare Real Estate
Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the US economy, driven by the country’s burgeoning and aging population. Not surprisingly, commercial real estate investors are highly attracted to the healthcare real estate niche and are ready to invest. But overall growth is not the only reason why, says Ben Ochs, CEO of…»