Commercial Real Estate & Business News – October 21, 2020

Self-Storage Sector Holds Up Amid the Pandemic
A confluence of factors conspired to drive down rents at self-storage properties earlier in the year, but now with new demand generated by the broader disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the sector’s fortunes have stabilized. Though the majority of properties were still close to fully…»
Robot Cooks and Virtual Kitchens: How the Restaurant Industry Looks to Technology For Help Russ Wiles Arizona Republic
Even before anyone had heard of the new coronavirus, restaurants were adopting new technologies to meet shifting consumer tastes, cut costs and deal with labor issues amid a highly competitive backdrop. Now, technology is even more of a necessity as the industry reacts to the pandemic and hopes…»
Here are the Holiday Trends Expected to Create a Shopping Season Like No Other
This holiday season will be shaped by changes to the shopper experience as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Topping the list of fundamental holiday shopping trends are an explosion in ecommerce sales; an early start to a longer shopping season to reduce crowds; greater use of curbside pickup…»
1,128 Acres Intended for Employment Corridor in North Phoenix to be Sold at Auction
The first portion of a swath of state land in north Phoenix that the city is aiming to reposition as a major employment corridor will go up for auction Nov. 2. The parcel, which totals about 1,128 acres at the northwest corner of Loop 303 and the 43rd Avenue alignment, will be sold for a minimum of $89 million…»
Phoenix Industrial Market Surges During Pandemic
The Greater Phoenix industrial market has surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, driven largely by the country’s increased use of e-commerce and elevated grocery shopping while restaurants were closed. Completion of new industrial projects in 2020 has been the strongest year in more than a decade…»