Commercial Real Estate & Business News – October 23, 2021

This year, inflation has become a top concern for investors. Institutional capital and major funds are planning ahead by shifting from a value-add or short-term hold investment strategy to a long-term hold business model. “On a short-term hold, it is very difficult to…»
Nearly 50 million workers switched last year from an office environment to work-from-home (WFH), allowing large parts of the U.S. economy to continue functioning despite social distancing requirements during the pandemic. As other sectors began to recover from the shutdowns last year, however, large…»
Another massive data center and the continent’s largest sports and entertainment complex are among the defining developments taking shape in the Valley’s second-largest city, which has become a draw for major industrial development and redevelopment efforts. The city of Mesa has focused its economic…»
Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream, a long-running Midwest chain, wants to try its hand in Arizona again, but the CEO said it is struggling to find the right real estate. “We know people will eat the product, but we can’t find a place to put it,” said Tom Sacco, the CEO of Happy Joe’s. “From what we experienced, there…»
Desert Troon Companies recently refinanced Superstition Gateway, a destination shopping center in Mesa, AZ, with fixed-rate CMBS financing of $77.1 million. Consisting of 25 single-story buildings across Superstition Gateway East and Superstition Gateway West, the retail development features…»