Commercial Real Estate & Business News October 29, 2018

Moody’s is bullish on retail, upping both its operating income and sales growth forecasts. Moody’s Investor Services said Thursday that its outlook for the U.S. retail industry has turned positive for the first time since mid-2015. In a new report, Moody’s said retailers are finally starting to reap the benefits of investments…»
As commercial real estate values reach all-time highs in the nation’s top-tier cities and cap rates get squeezed, secondary markets with strong economic fundamentals continue to attract investor interest. “At this stage in the real estate cycle, we are starting to see investors reach for yield,” says Chris Muoio, senior quantitative strategist with online real estate marketplace Ten-X.…»
Residential rents fell across the United States on an annual basis in September for the first time in more than six years, the latest real estate index shows. The median reached $1,440 a month, down 0.2% from September 2017, meaning that rental growth has slowed for seven months in a row and year on year for the first time since July 2012…»
Downtown Phoenix’s housing boom is blanketing the area with thousands of new apartments and condominiums. But the rents and prices for the new homes will shut the door on some who want to live in the area. And home prices in historic neighborhoods in and around downtown Phoenix are soaring…»
Phoenix retail landlords have begun to eschew national chain brands in favor of local mom-and-pop retailers. There has been a retail evolution this cycle as the popularity of ecommerce has created demand for unique brick-and-mortar concepts. It is a trend that has become commonplace in major markets…»