Commercial Real Estate & Business News – September 26, 2017

Discount grocery chain Aldi has plans to aggressively expand its presence in the U.S. grocery sector. To compete with brands like Whole Foods following its Amazon acquisition, Aldi plans to cut costs exponentially by lowering prices as well as the selection of food offered in the store…»

The commercial real estate industry’s chief lobbying group Tuesday urged lawmakers to take a measured approach in deciding on changes to how commercial property and other corporate assets are taxed, cautioning that the elimination of the deduction for interest on debt and reducing the tax rate for pass-through business income could cause severe damage to the U.S. economy…»

Nordstrom recently announced its new concept store, Nordstrom Local, which is set to open in Los Angeles next month. This brick-and-mortar store is a bit different than the others that have come before it. This one will operate with no inventory. Nordstrom is not alone. These six retailers have also tried their hands at the showroom concept store, according to StreetFight…»

Some analysts contend discount retailers such as Ross and TJMaxx will gain merchandise and market share as mall and department store retailers close stores or go out of businesses…»

“The housing market has been in a funk since early spring because of the ongoing scarcity of new and existing homes for sale,” NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun said. “The pace of new home construction has not meaningfully broken out this year, and not enough homeowners at this point have followed through with their belief that now is a good time to sell”…»