Commercial Real Estate & Business News – September 28, 2017

Real gross domestic product increased in 267 out of the 382 U.S. metropolitan areas in 2016, according to a recent Bureau of Economic Analysis report. Within the metros, there was some variation…»

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market is getting the attention these days, with the deal grabbing headlines since June. But there’s also revolution occurring in the food aisles: Grocers are adapting quickly to surging consumer demand for fresher items, personalized options, and digital power to give themselves an edge in the battle for the grocery dollar…»

Competition has been intense among U.S. grocers. Companies are trying to figure out the role of technology in our shopping habits, and Amazon is ever the elephant in the room, now in possession of Whole Foods. And the pressure to compete on price is always there. In fact, prices have been falling quite a bit. Analysts often cite two major factors: a long period of food deflation, and stepped-up competition from Aldi and Lidl…»

For decades, large corporations looked to metro Phoenix to place back offices and call centers. While some might view this with a negative connotation, these expansions actually signaled focused attention on a market with labor availability, low regulation, and a pro-business climate. The outcome? The presence of leading companies such as Charles Schwab, Silicon Valley Bank, American Express, Discover, and Home Depot…»

Gilbert, Arizona is the most prosperous city in the country according to the Economic Innovation Group (EIG). Gilbert is touted as being a “young up-and-comer” with 99.9% of the population living in prosperous zip codes…»