Commercial Real Estate & Business News – September 9, 2020

Bound for a Rebound? The Future of Multifamily Housing
For 10 years, the multifamily sector has enjoyed consistent growth. Often heralded as the “smart investment” of the real estate industry, research cited by CBRE in 2018 reveals that when compared with hotel, industrial, office, and retail spaces, multifamily has the highest average annual return while…»
Self Storage Throughout the Pandemic
Although self storage is not entirely immune to the pandemic-induced economic stress, as lockdown-related restrictions began to ease, activity picked up pace in the sector. Major positive and negative life events drive demand for storage. The coronavirus outbreak has enforced change on people…»
Dollar General, Dollar Tree Stay on Expansion Track
Dollar General and Dollar Tree are pushing forward with aggressive store expansions, including a focus on food and consumables, as coronavirus-related shopping behavior contributed to strong sales gains for both dollar chains in the second quarter. Goodlettsvile, Tenn.-based Dollar General said yesterday…»
Despite Best Efforts, a Surge of Distressed Assets Is Coming to CRE
A flood of distressed assets is headed for the market. There has been some debate about the future market for distressed assets as a result of the pandemic. Some experts have argued that better underwriting will help property owners hold on to properties through the pandemic. However, as the public…»
Housing’s V-shaped Recovery is Complete: What Had to Happen to Get America Back by Sept. 1
Back in April when darkness was looking us straight in our eyes, I wrote this: “These are dark times. But even in dark times, we are preternaturally prepared to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We learned in human physiology class that the photoreceptors of the human eye can detect a single photon of light…»