Daily News – February 17, 2020

The Cities American Renters Are Migrating To and From in 2020
Many species of animals, including birds, fish, and whales, migrate to new locations at various times of the year. While their reasons for moving are likely instinctual and can be credited to temperature, food availability, or mating, humans also migrate in patterns…»

Investors See Value in Urban Parking Lots-as Future Multifamily Buildings
Investors are increasingly targeting parking lots for potential multifamily redevelopment, especially in urban areas, according to industry sources.”Given the multifamily market has been so strong for the past decade, we’re at a point that really justifies…»

Culdesac Car-Free Neighborhood Moves Forward With Retail Phase
The world’s first-post-car real estate developer, Culdesac, today announced it is interviewing Arizona operators who align with its vision for only a dozen spaces available in its retail phase, which will provide essential services to residents and also serve as a retail destination…»
Scottsdale is The No. 1 Place to Move in U.S., Study Says
HireAHelper, the online marketplace for finding, comparing and booking moving transportation and services, today released its second annual study examining U.S. moving trends and the No. 1 hot spot for those relocating is…»
City North is once again a development to watch in the Valley.The long-dormant project that stretches back more than two decades and covers thousands of desert acres in north Phoenix is awakening with the renewed potential to be a “city within the city”.…»